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Plymouth Valiant

Thanks to the lack of exact plans and other facilities we exchanged our Charger to Plymouth Valiant. Like an old wine get better at the time so did our Charger and we took it to Finland, where we got the Plymouth for the exchange. Actually it was a pretty good deal, we got an Outlaw class vehicle. Check it out.

Georgi auto

We got no engine neither gearbox but we`ve seen this car on track before and therefore we didn`t hesitate for a moment. The deal is made and we`re already building it. We`re going to use our 840+ HP Dodge R5/P7 engine on that beast. The engine stays naturally aspirated in first season. Later on plans are to go with turbocharging.

Plymouth Valiant

At this very moment we would like to thank our good friend Jyrki Aukio`le, who hooked us up with Timo Kaisla and made this deal possible.

Plymouth Valiant

You`ll be seeing our car making some seriuos moves in the OutLaw Class next season.





After our motor broke totally we decided to let it as it be. Rebuilding this motor was`nt quite wise thing to do. So we started work with car itself. First – eliminate heavy front end, new brake lines, new front brakes. New fiberglass “flip” front end is almost ready. Its much lighter and going to have better aerodynamic than original had. Also whole subframe and suspension parts are sandblasted and painted.

All windows going to be lexan. Doors stays original right now but all expendable inside details are cutted away to make car lighter.

01.02.2009 we found sponsor ! This sponsor deal opened new door for us – we were able to buy new pure race motor. After long search we found Liuzzo Brother Racing

New motor is allready bought but Rick have to make one final dyno session with our 1050cfm Race Demon carburator and VP Race Fuel.

Talkeing about motor – it`s R5/P7 NASCAR motor what is modified for drag racing. Motor itself makes around 840hp plus, redline is over 10.000 RPM-s

Here is one illustration picture of R5/P7 motor:


Here is nothing to do with old style small blocks. R5 is designed to be pure race motor and made only for racing applications. Those motors turn over 10.000 RPM-s and with sheet metal intake with dual carbs can make probably over 1000hp as naturally aspirated! We are not talkeing here turbochargeing it…target 1500hp is very accessible


Motor`s upper end is P7.

  • Jesel belt drive MSD distributor
  • rockers, lifters, pushrods are Jesel made
  • billet crankshaft is made by Bryant Crankshaft
  • forged pistons are made by BME
  • forged connecting rods are made by Carillo
  • carburator is 1050cfm Race Demon with ETS upgrade
  • Barnes 5-stage dry sump oiling system ( )

and so on…

More pics and information later.


Stay tuned…


As we sell performance and race parts we race our self as well. We started with drag racing at beginning of 2005 year. In 2006 we established our team- ET Slayer Racing Team.

First season we taked apart in “bracket” class because our car was nearly stock. We had mildly modified 360cid motor with no special parts inside – Holley 750cfm carb, 224/230 CompCams hyd camshaft, LD340 intake, stock iginition system, raised CR, headers and almost stock 904 tranny with stock stall converter. Only modifications what we did for first race was rear gear change from 2.73 to 4.10 Best ET-s was around 14 seconds. As I mentioned it was totally street car in that point

After that I bought complete race motor from FBO Systems. It was 340cid stroker with race parts inside, like –

  • Off-set ground Callies Steel Crank
  • Callies 6.125” forged CompStar rods
  • 850cfm Mighty Demon ETS
  • Mopar Performance M-1 intake manifold
  • Edelbrock aluminium heads (ported by FBO Systems)
  • 12.5 CR
  • Diamond Pistons forged 12.5:1
  • CompCams valvesprings
  • Chrome Moly Valve Spring Retainers
  • 10 degree valve locks
  • Smith & Brother custom pushrods
  • ARP bolts (engine kit)
  • Racer Brown rockers
  • Racer Brown hold down kit
  • Racer Brown custom grounded camshaft ( 254 @.050 .520 lift )
  • REV valves
  • Schubeck lifters
  • FBO Systems ignition
  • SFI Damper
  • Cloyes Pro timing chain
  • A688 kit with FBO curved distributor
  • Melling high volume oilpump
  • Milodon street/strip deep oil pan

That motor had around 490-500hp and was big gain for us. We also changed parts in tranny, like :

-B&M SFI flexplate

-Borg Warner cluches

-Dynamic 9,5″ custom made torque converter (2600/3600 stall)

Also new motor needed complete new fuel system like – 1/2″ fuel main line, plastic fuel cell, Aerospace 350 pump kit

As 500hp is plenty of power we needed to get it somehow to the ground. Best choice was Caltrac suspension with Mono-leaf springs and Rancho RS9000X shocks. With that suspension we managed to get our 60` times from 2.1 seconds to 1.6 seconds!

Unfortunally we had whole 2007 season problems with slipping transmission and that was also one offender why we broke our race motor end of season. With that slipping and not correct gear changeing transmission we were still able to get this heavy car (full interior, all metal parts included) to 12 seconds.

Here you can see one video clip from test race in Tallinn 2007

Quater final bracket race run in Pärnu 2007


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