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We provide your American car with high quality spare parts with a very reasonable price.

Most of the spare parts arrive in Estonia within 3-6 work days, thanks to DHL. From that point it`s a matter of hours for us to ship it to your desired destination. 

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10 years of experience as a supplier

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Experience matters

Thanks to 10 years of experience and some prestigious partners in USA we can provide you with high quality American made spare parts and a nice customer experience. Plus we will never sell a spare part thats made in China. We only sell 100% American quality.

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Client testimonials

Veljo Einberg Estonias “OL Class” Champion 2012

Veljo Einberg

I`ve been coopetaring with Premium Parts for 4 years now. All the orders come with promised quality and they`ve always met their due dates. Products that they offer are worldwide recognized and i can tell you from my experience that guys from Premium Parts will never dissapoint you. I reccommend Premium Parts for everyone in the racing or hobby cars industry.

Veljo Einberg Best ET 7,6 sec in 1/4 mile (wheelstand video)

Indrek Teppan Owner of Agito Performance

Indrek Teppan

I have ordered serveral parts from Premium Parts (for my clients projects). Parts vary from simple bushings up to full engine repair kits. The main reason I order from Premium Parts is their addiction to quality and fast delivery times, not like I´ve experienced with other service providers.

I suggest Premium Parts for people who appreciate quality parts and promised delivery times. If you want cheap China parts that make no sense you`re in the wrong place.

Indrek Teppan, Estonias youngest F1 test driver (article)

Spud Miller, owner of Fuel Injection Enterprises, LLC

Spud Miller

Premium Parts have consistently provided us with very high quality parts at great prices. Their attention to service is top notch; excellent communication, timely quotes, and they’ve always met their due dates for us. Will not hesitate to use them when ever we can.

Spud Miller Nostalgia dragster driver (watch video).

Take care of your American car

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American spare parts that last

Premium Partsis FBO-Systems official supplier in Europe. We have been coopetating with FBO-Systems for over 8 years now. Mostly we sell American made muscle and racing car performance/ race products. Also we build and maintain American car engines. Since september 2012 you can buy spare parts for your American made daily driver, plus performance/ race parts. We are mostly specialized in Mopar`s/ Chrysler`s group car parts but that does not mean you can`t buy other manufacturers parts from us (such as GM and Ford). Wether it`s a B-group part or a performance/ race product you can get it from us.

Years of experience in American car industry and prestigious partners in America gives us confidence to provide you with high quality parts and good delivery.  
  • We don`t sell any “Made in China” performance spare part.
  • We don`t repack or put our logo on products that we don`t manufacture. 
  • We only sell high quality products that are carefully selected.
  • Most orders are filled in 3-6 work days.
  • We have over 10 years of experience as an Amercian cars parts supplier.
  • We follow the principle: “Do it once but do it right”.
If you like our princibles and wish nothing but high quality get in touch with us. Call 55919704 or fill our secure webform.